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Jennette Mccurdy and Joe Nichols: who has she dated?

Jennette McCurdy is a name that has been making swells in Hollywood for quite some time now. With her inarguable gift and stunning aesthetics, it’s no surprise that she has caught the eye of numerous eligible maids over time. From musicians to actors and even basketball players, Jennette has had her fair share of high-profile relationships. In this blog post, we’ll take a near look at Jennette McCurdy’s Swain’s timeline and explore who she has dated in history. So grab your popcorn and get ready for some juicy details!

Jennette McCurdy was in a relationship with Joe Nichols from 2014 to 2016

Jennette McCurdy and Austin Butler’s relationship had fans swooning for years. The couple started dating in 2014, after meeting on the set of their movie” The Interferers”. Austin, who’s known for his places in hit television series like” The Carrie Journals” and” Arrow”, snappily came smitten with Jennette’s wit and charm. Their relationship may have been short-lived, but it was clearly sweet. The two were frequently spotted out and about together, holding hands and enjoying each other’s company. Despite being a private couple, they did share some adorable moments on social media.

Unfortunately, the effects came to an end between the two in 2016. Neither of them ever intimately reflected on why they broke up or what led to their split. But fans couldn’t help but wonder if distance played a role – as both actors have busy schedules with filming commitments. Anyhow of what happened between them, it remains clear that Jennette and Austin had a special connection during the time they were together. And while their romance may be over now, we’ll always cherish the memories they shared!

Jennette McCurdy dated musician John Mayer from May 2018 to November 2018

Jennette McCurdy’s dating timeline includes a brief romance with musician John Mayer from May to November 2018. The two were spotted together multiple times during their relationship, including at a comedy show and on a hike together. McCurdy has been vocal about her admiration for Mayer’s music in the past, even covering his hit song “Daughters” on her YouTube channel years before they started dating. Still, their six-month relationship eventually came to an end.

While the exact reason for their split remains unclear, it seems that they simply drifted piecemeal due to busy schedules and particular differences. Neither party has spoken publicly about the breakup or shared any details regarding what led to it. Despite the short-lived nature of their romance, fans were excited by the pairing of these two talented performers. Many hoped that they would continue seeing each other and perhaps even collaborate musically in the future. Jennette McCurdy’s time with John Mayer was fleeting but memorable for both parties involved.

Jennette McCurdy is rumoured to be dating actor Tyler Posey

The actress is no stranger to dating rumours, and her recent link-up with actor Tyler Posey is no exception. Tyler Posey, who rose to fame with his role on MTV’s Teen Wolf, was first linked to Jennette McCurdy and joe nichols in 2020 when they were spotted hanging out together at various events. While neither of them verified their relationship status, suckers could not help but presume a possible love brewing between the two stars.

The rumours intensified when Tyler posted a photo of himself and Jennette on Instagram with a heart emoji as the caption. Although this could simply be interpreted as friendly affection between co-stars or friends, it was enough to set tongues wagging among fans. Despite all the rumours and speculation surrounding their alleged relationship, neither Jennette nor Tyler have addressed the reports directly. However, their chemistry both on-screen and off-screen has undoubtedly left fans wondering what’s going on between these two talented actors.

Jennette McCurdy is rumoured to be dating basketball player Luke Kennard

Rumours have been circulating that Jennette McCurdy is currently dating basketball player Luke Kennard. Luke Kennard plays for the Detroit Pistons and was previously married to his college sweetheart. Meanwhile, Jennette McCurdy is known for her acting career and has had several high-profile relationships in the past.

The rumoured couple has not confirmed nor denied their relationship status, leaving fans wondering. If they are indeed an item or just good friends. Some speculate that their shared passion for music may have brought them together since both have expressed interest in pursuing careers as musicians. Regardless of whether or not they are dating. It’s clear that Jennette McCurdy and Luke Kennard share a connection on some level. Only time will tell if this rumoured romance will blossom into something more serious or remain just another Hollywood fling.


Jennette McCurdy and joe nichols courting life has been the subject of important enterprise and interest among her suckers. While she has had some high-profile connections with notorious musicians and actors, similar to John Mayer and Austin Butler. It’s important to a flashback that she’s just like any other person who wants to find love. As for the rumours about her current relationship status with Tyler Posey or Luke Kennard, only time will tell if they are true. Regardless of whether she is single or in a relationship. We wish Jennette nothing but happiness in both her personal life and professional career.

Jennette McCurdy has made quite an impact on Hollywood over the years with her acting talent and charming personality. Her suckers continue to support her every move as she continues to grow into one of the most talented actresses of our time.



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