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President garlanded the statue of her late husband


On a somber day, the President of India paid tribute to her late husband by garlanding his statue. The emotion was palpable as she spoke about their life together and the impact he had on her life. This touching moment was not only a personal one but also a reflection of the love and support of an entire nation for Shyam Charan Murmu, whose memory lives on through this beautiful statue erected in his honor. Join us as we delve into this heartfelt event and learn more about the man who touched so many lives.

President garlanded the statue of her late husband

The President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, recently paid tribute to her late husband by garlanding his statue. The event took place at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi and was an emotional moment for all those present. Shyam Charan Murmu, the late husband of the President, was a man who dedicated his life to serving others.

As she garlanded the statue, the President shared some touching memories about her late husband and how he had impacted her life. She thanked everyone who had supported her during this difficult time and spoke about how much Shyam Charan Murmu meant to her. The statue itself is a beautiful representation of a man who lived a full life. It stands tall as a testament to his legacy and serves as an inspiration for all those who knew him or were touched by his work. This event was not only personal but also reflective of the values that Shyam Charan Murmu stood for – love, kindness, and service toward others.

The president was emotional as she spoke about her late husband

As the president garlanded the statue of her late husband, she couldn’t help but become emotional as she spoke about him. Her words were full of love and admiration for the man who had been by her side for many years. She recounted fond memories of their life together, from their early days as students to his eventual rise to political prominence. The president’s voice quivered with emotion as she spoke about the challenges they faced together and how they overcame them. Despite her grief, the president was determined to celebrate her husband’s life and legacy. She thanked everyone who had supported them during their journey, including friends, family members, and political allies.

Her heartfelt speech touched many people in attendance at the ceremony. It was a reminder that even in times of sorrow, we can find strength through our shared experiences and connections with others. It was clear that this event was not just about honoring a great leader but also about celebrating a deep connection between two people who loved each other deeply.

The statue was erected in his memory

  • The President of India garlanded the statue that was erected in memory of her late husband, who had passed away earlier this year.

    . The figure stands as a symbol of his legacy and contributions to society and serves as a reminder for all those who knew him.

  • The process of creating such a monument is not an easy one. It involves careful planning, designing, and execution to ensure that the final product accurately reflects the person it represents. In this case, every detail from the facial features to the clothing has been intricately crafted to create a lifelike representation.
  • The statues are often accompanied by inscriptions that provide information about their lives and achievements. These inscriptions help us understand why they were important people worthy of being remembered through such monuments.
  • While some may see these statues as mere symbols or structures made out of stone or metal, they serve a much deeper purpose than just aesthetics. They represent our collective history and cultural heritage; reminding us of where we came from while also inspiring future generations towards greatness.
  • Erecting statues in memory of loved ones is an age-old tradition that continues even today. These memorials help keep their memories alive long after they have left us while also serving as inspiration for future generations.

The president thanked the people for their support

As the president garlanded the statue of her late husband, she couldn’t help but feel emotional. Her late husband had been a pillar of strength and support for her throughout their lives together. The statue was erected in his memory as a way to honor and preserve the contributions he had made to his community. During the ceremony, the president took a moment to express her gratitude towards all those who had supported her during this difficult time. She thanked everyone for their love, kindness, and unwavering support. The outpouring of sympathy and compassion that she received from people across different communities was overwhelming, but it gave her immense strength to keep going. She knew that she wasn’t alone in this journey and that many individuals stood by her side no matter what.

The president’s words touched many hearts in attendance at the ceremony. People felt grateful for being acknowledged by someone who held such an esteemed position, which is why the statue was erected. They appreciated how humble she remained despite holding one of the highest offices in the land. It was a touching tribute to a man who dedicated his life to serving others while also reminding us that we’re always stronger when we come together as one community – something which President Shyam Charan Murmu believed passionately throughout his life’s work.


FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions are common queries that people have about a certain topic.

Some possible FAQs that readers may have include:

 Who was Shyam Charan Murmu?

Shyam Charan Murmu was a prominent figure who made significant contributions to society during his lifetime.

Many remember him fondly as an inspiration and leader in his field.

Why was the statue erected?

They erected the statue in memory of Shyam Charan Murmu as a way of honoring his legacy and achievements.It serves as a reminder of all he accomplished during his time on Earth.

What did the president say during her speech?

The president spoke emotionally about her late husband, reflecting on their life together and expressing gratitude for all those who supported them over the years. In summary, while there may be more questions surrounding this event than what we covered here, these are some common ones that can help clarify any uncertainties you may have had.


The garlanding of the statue of Shyam Charan Murmu by his wife and current President is a touching tribute to a great man who dedicated his life to serving others. The emotional speech by the president was a testament to their love and devotion, as well as her gratitude for the support she received from the people.

It will serve as a reminder of his contributions to society while inspiring future generations to follow in his footsteps. His legacy will undoubtedly live on forever through this beautiful monument erected in his memory.



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