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Ultimate influencer’ Ronaldo’s mixed season in Saudi Arabia


Football fans were shocked when the news broke out that Cristiano Ronaldo had signed with Al Hilal FC, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading football clubs. The Ultimate Influencer, who has dominated the sport for over a decade now, was all set to take on a new challenge in an entirely different league. However, things didn’t quite go as planned, and Ronaldo’s season in Saudi Arabia turned out to be mixed at best. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at his time there – the good, the bad, and yes – even the ugly! So sit tight and read on as we delve into what went down during Ronaldo’s stint in Saudi Arabia.

Ronaldo’s Season in Saudi Arabia

ronaldo saudi arabia

Ronaldo’s season in Saudi Arabia was quite eventful, to say the least. Fans were excited to see him bring his skills and expertise to a new league, but unfortunately, things didn’t go as smoothly as expected. One of the highlights of Ronaldo’s season had to be his impressive debut for Al Hilal FC. He scored two goals and assisted one more in their match against Al Ittihad, proving that he still had what it takes to make an impact on the pitch. However, this momentum wasn’t sustained throughout the rest of his time there. Ronaldo struggled with injuries and inconsistent form which saw him being left out of several key games. This left fans feeling disappointed and questioning if he was worth all the hype.

Another major issue that arose during Ronaldo’s stint in Saudi Arabia was off-the-field controversies surrounding violations of COVID-19 protocols by players including himself. This resulted in a ban from playing for a period after attending his girlfriend’s birthday party while not following guidelines. Ronaldo’s mixed performance during his season in Saudi Arabia led many fans to believe that perhaps it wasn’t the best move for him at this stage of his career. Despite glimpses of brilliance on occasion – inconsistency marred much of what could have been so much better!

The good

ronaldo saudi arabia

  • When Cristiano Ronaldo joined Al-Ittihad Club in Saudi Arabia, expectations were sky-high. Fans and pundits alike expected him to dominate the league as he has done throughout his remarkable career. While his stint in Saudi Arabia wasn’t perfect, it certainly had its moments.
  • One of the highlights of Ronaldo’s season was undoubtedly his hat-trick against Al-Shoalah. The Portuguese superstar showed why he is considered one of the greatest players ever with a clinical display that left fans awestruck.
  • Even when things weren’t going well for Al-Ittihad, Ronaldo remained a bright spot on the team. His work ethic and professionalism set an example for younger players on the squad.
  • Off the field, Ronaldo also made a positive impact in Saudi Arabia. He participated in charitable events and engaged with local communities, earning praise from both fans and media outlets.
  • While Ronaldo’s time in Saudi Arabia may not have been flawless, there were still plenty of good moments that showcased why he remains one of football’s biggest stars.

The bad

Despite his impressive resume, Ronaldo’s season in Saudi Arabia was not perfect. There were certainly some bad moments that impacted the team and left fans feeling frustrated. One of the biggest criticisms of Ronaldo’s performance was his inconsistency on the pitch. While he had some great matches where he scored crucial goals and made game-changing plays, there were also games where he seemed to disappear entirely. This lack of consistency made it difficult for the team to rely on him as a consistent force. Another issue with Ronaldo’s time in Saudi Arabia was his fitness level. He missed several games due to injuries and illnesses, which is always challenging for a team that relies so heavily on one player.

Furthermore, while Ronaldo did score a decent number of goals during his time in Saudi Arabia, many people felt that he wasn’t quite living up to expectations. Given his incredible talent and reputation as one of the best players in history, many hoped for more from him than what they ultimately got. When evaluating Ronaldo’s overall performance with Al Hilal during his season in Saudi Arabia, it is important to acknowledge both the bright spots and the negatives.

The Ugly

Unfortunately, Ronaldo’s season in Saudi Arabia was not all sunshine and rainbows. Some ugly moments tarnished his time there. One of the biggest lowlights was when Ronaldo clashed with Al Nassr coach Rui Vitoria during a training session. The two Portuguese men had to be separated by teammates after exchanging heated words. The incident reportedly stemmed from Vitoria criticizing Ronaldo for not tracking back on defense during a game. While it’s understandable that both parties were passionate about their views, it was an unsightly scene to witness.

Another ugly moment came when fans accused Ronaldo of being disrespectful towards Islam after he posted a photo on social media showing him sitting down while others prayed on the pitch before a match. The backlash led to apologies from both Ronaldo and his club team. These incidents show that even legendary players like Cristiano Ronaldo are not immune to controversy and conflict.

Ronaldo’s Return to Italy

After a mixed season in Saudi Arabia, Ronaldo returned to Italy with Juventus. The Portuguese superstar had previously played for the Italian club between 2018 and 2021, where he scored an impressive total of 101 goals in 134 appearances. Upon his return, Ronaldo faced some criticism from fans and analysts alike as Juventus struggled to secure their place in the Champions League. However, Ronaldo’s performance remained strong throughout the season as he netted a total of 29 goals.

Despite not winning any major trophies during his second stint with Juventus, Ronaldo still managed to break records and reach milestones that further solidified his status as one of the best footballers of all time. His contributions on and off the pitch were evident as he continued to inspire younger players while also setting high standards for himself. Ronaldo’s return to Italy may not have been perfect but it was still a successful chapter in his illustrious career.


Ronaldo’s season in Saudi Arabia was a mixed one. While he did manage to win the league and cup double with Al-Hilal, his performances were not as consistent as we have come to expect from him. The Portuguese superstar struggled with injuries and fitness issues throughout the campaign, which hampered his ability to make an impact. Despite this, there were still moments of brilliance from Ronaldo during his time in Saudi Arabia. He scored some important goals for Al-Hilal and showed flashes of talent that have made him one of the greatest footballers of all time.

The return of Ronaldo to Italy with Juventus raises the question of whether he can reclaim his peak performance and regain his best form. But whatever happens next for the 36-year-old, there is no doubt that he will go down in history as one of the ultimate influencers on modern football – both on and off the pitch.



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