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Game Lady released Yennefer’s Realistic Silicone Doll.


Are you a fan of The Witcher 3? Then you’ll be thrilled to hear that Game Lady has just released a life-size silicone doll replica of the enchantress Yennefer! This amazing collectible features movable joints, an included stand, a wig, and a clothing set. And the best part? You can pre-order it now for its May 2021 release. Keep reading to learn more about this stunning Game Lady Doll and whether it’s worth adding to your collection.

The doll is a life-size replica of the character Yennefer from the game The Witcher 3

game lady doll

The Yennefer Realistic Silicone Doll is a true delight for fans of The Witcher 3 game. It’s a masterpiece that captures the essence of the character, with every detail carefully crafted to perfection. This doll is life-size, making it an impressive addition to your collection. You can expect it to measure around 5’7″ or roughly 170 cm in height. That means you’ll be able to display her alongside other collectibles and immerse yourself in the world of The Witcher even more.

Not only does this doll look like Yennefer, but it feels like her too! Made from high-quality silicone, its texture replicates skin perfectly. And with movable joints, you can pose Yennefer in any position you desire! Game Lady has done an outstanding job recreating this beloved character as a realistic silicone doll that any fan would want in their collection!

It is made of silicone and has movable joints

game lady doll

The Yennefer Realistic Silicone Doll from Game Lady is a masterpiece made with high-quality silicone material. This gives the doll an extremely realistic look, making it almost impossible to differentiate it from a real-life woman. Moreover, the doll has movable joints, allowing flexibility and pose-ability. You can move your doll’s arms, legs, and other body parts around as if she were real.

In addition to its realistic appearance and flexible joints, this doll boasts impressive durability thanks to its silicone construction. The material can resist wear and tear despite frequently handling or posing in different positions. So you can rest assured that your investment will last long enough. Having a lifelike replica of Yennefer is every gamer’s dream come true. With its premium quality materials and flexible joints, not only does the Yennefer Realistic Silicone Doll provide visual pleasure, but it also allows for hours of creative playtime fun!

The doll comes with a stand, a wig, and a set of clothing

One of the best things about the Yennefer Realistic Silicone Doll is that it comes with a stand, a wig, and a set of clothing. This means you can display your doll in your home, office, or studio without worrying about damaging it. The stand is made from durable materials to ensure your doll always stays upright and secure. With its adjustable height, you can easily find the perfect spot to showcase your new collectible item.

The realistic silicone material for this doll’s skin means that the included wig will look incredibly natural upon attachment. You can style it however you like and change up her appearance regularly! As for her wardrobe, different sets are available depending on what kind of look you want for your Yennefer doll. There are many options, from casual outfits to regal dresses, so you’ll always enjoy playing dress-up! These additional accessories make owning this Game Lady Yennefer Realistic Silicone Doll even more exciting!

It is available for pre-order now and will be released in May 2021

Fans of The Witcher 3 can now add a new item to their collection, as Game Lady has announced the release of the Yennefer Realistic Silicone Doll. Whether you enjoy Yennefer’s character or appreciate high-quality collectibles, this doll will impress. The best part? You don’t have to wait long to get your hands on it! The doll is available for pre-order now and will be released in May 2021. This means you can secure yours early and take advantage of it when it hits the shelves.

Pre-ordering is also a great way to ensure that you get the version of the doll that you want. With different clothing options available, pre-ordering allows you to select your preferred outfit and wig style before they sell out. Don’t miss your chance to own this incredible piece – head to Game Lady’s website today and place your pre-order for the Yennefer Realistic Silicone Doll.

Prices start at $649

The Game Lady Yennefer Realistic Silicone Doll is undoubtedly a unique and impressive piece of merchandise for fans of The Witcher 3. As with any high-quality replica, the price tag comes at a premium. Prices start at $649, which may seem steep to some but can be considered reasonable given the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating such an item. Of course, not everyone will have the budget or desire to invest in such a product, but for those who do, it’s important to understand what you’re getting for your money. In addition to the natural silicone material used in its construction, this doll has movable joints that allow you to pose it in various ways.

Furthermore, it comes with additional accessories, including a stand to keep it upright when on display, a wig replicating Yennefer’s hairstyle, as seen in The Witcher 3 game, and clothing that match her style from The Witcher franchise. While $649 may be quite an investment for many people when considering buying collectibles or memorabilia; however if one considers how much they spend on other hobbies or entertainment over time – then investing this amount towards something special like this doll can make sense, especially if someone is passionate about their interests.

Pros and Cons

  • Regarding the Game Lady Yennefer Realistic Silicone Doll, there are pros and cons to consider before purchasing.
  • On the positive side, this doll is an impressive life-size replica of the character Yennefer from The Witcher 3 game. It is made of high-quality silicone, giving it a realistic look and feel. Additionally, its movable joints allow for various poses and positions.
  • The doll also comes with a stand, wig, and set of clothing that match Yennefer’s appearance in the game. This attention to detail adds value for collectors or fans who want an authentic representation of their favorite character.
  • However, with prices starting at USD 649 (excluding shipping costs), affordability may be a concern for some buyers. Additionally, while the doll’s quality is top-notch, some people may find its lifelike appearance somewhat unsettling or creepy.
  • Ultimately, deciding whether or not to invest in this unique collectible will depend on individual preferences and budget constraints.


The Yennefer Realistic Silicone Doll by Game Lady is a unique and impressive collectible for The Witcher 3 game fans. Although it comes with a hefty price tag starting at $649, its high-quality construction and attention to detail make it worth the investment. The doll’s movable joints allow for versatile posing options, while its stand and included accessories add an extra layer of customization. Game Lady has put effort into making this doll as lifelike as possible.

If you’re a collector or fan looking to own a piece of The Witcher 3 universe, the Yennefer Realistic Silicone Doll is one to consider. With pre-orders available now and a release scheduled for May 2021, grab yours before they sell out!



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