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Who won the 350 alligator tags on Swamp People 2023?


Welcome to the world of Swamp People, where alligators are hunted for a living. This reality TV show has captured viewers’ attention across America and beyond for over a decade. Each year, a limited number of coveted alligator tags are given out to hunters in Louisiana. These tags allow them to hunt alligators during specific times and locations throughout the state’s season. In 2023, 350 lucky winners got their hands on these valuable tags. If you’re curious about who won these 350 alligator tags on Swamp People in 2023 and what happens next, keep reading!

The History of Swamp People

who won the 350 alligator tags on swamp people 2023 is a reality television series aired on the History Channel in 2010. The show follows Cajun and Creole alligator hunters as they hunt for these fearsome creatures in the swamps of Louisiana. The program has become incredibly popular with viewers, attracting millions each season. Who won the 350 alligator tags on swamp people 2023? People came from producer Thom Beers, inspired by an article about alligator hunting in Louisiana. He pitched the concept to the History Channel, promptly picking up the show.

Since its premiere, Swamp People has showcased various hunters and their families, highlighting their unique lifestyles and traditions. Some have been mainstays on the show since its inception, while others come and go over time. Despite some controversy surrounding animal rights groups protesting against hunting practices shown on-screen, fans tune into Swamp People year after year to witness this fascinating subculture firsthand.

How the Alligator Tag System Works

The Alligator Tag System is a vital part of the Swamp People show, providing an exciting and challenging aspect to the alligator hunting experience. But how does this system work? Firstly, it’s important to note that only a limited number of alligator tags are available each season. The state wildlife agency issues these tags and allows hunters to harvest a set number of alligators legally. Once these tags have been allocated, each hunter must carefully plan their strategy for catching their allotted quota before the end of the season. This requires skill, patience, and sometimes even luck!

During hunting season, hunters must adhere to strict regulations regarding size and gender restrictions when harvesting alligators. Each harvested alligator is then tagged with a unique identification tag corresponding to the hunter’s permit information.

Who Won the Tags in 2023?

After a long and challenging alligator hunting season on Swamp People, we’ve all been waiting to announce who won the coveted 350 alligator tags. This year’s competition was fierce, with seasoned hunters returning to defend their titles and new faces joining in. Rumours had been swirling for weeks about which team would come out on top, with fans speculating based on past performances and social media activity. But when it came down to it, there could only be one winner.

The team that won this year’s 350 alligator tags is Troy Landry and his sons Jacob and Chase! The Landrys are no strangers to success in gator hunting, having dominated previous seasons with their expert skills and fearless attitudes. It’s safe to say that fans were thrilled by this outcome, taking to social media to congratulate the Landrys on another well-deserved victory. Of course, the real challenge is catching those 350 gators before time runs out! Stay tuned for more updates from Swamp People as this exciting season unfolds.

What Happens to the Alligators?

  • Once the hunters win the alligator tags, they have limited time to catch their allotted gators. Once caught, what happens to these reptiles?
  • Firstly, it’s important to note that hunting alligators is regulated, and strict rules exist for how it can be done. Once an alligator has been killed, it must be immediately tagged and brought to shore.
  • The meat from the animal is then harvested and sold commercially.


The Swamp People TV show has been a fascinating watch for many years, taking viewers into the world of alligator hunting in Louisiana. The excitement is not just about who wins the coveted tags each year but also about learning more about this unique way of life. The 2023 season was particularly interesting as we saw new faces competing against old favourites. Ultimately, Junior Edwards and his team came out with 350 tags.

Despite being thrilling for Junior and his team, remember that these tags come with great responsibility. Alligators are an important part of Louisiana’s ecosystem and must be harvested sustainably.



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