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MEPCO Helpline Numbers to Register your Complaint 2023


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Are you facing issues with your electricity supply in the MEPCO region? Do you need to register a complaint but don’t know how? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we will guide you through registering a complaint with MEPCO and provide you with all the necessary helpline numbers. So, please relax as we help you resolve your electricity-related issues quickly and efficiently.

What is MEPCO?

MEPCO, also known as Multan Electric Power Company, is a public limited company that provides electricity to 13 districts of Southern Punjab. It operates under the authority of WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) and is responsible for maintaining the power supply in its designated areas. Established in 1998, MEPCO has provided over 34 million customers with uninterrupted electricity for decades. The company aims to provide reliable, affordable energy services while promoting sustainable development.

MEPCO maintains an extensive network of transmission lines and distribution systems across Southern Punjab to ensure that electricity reaches every household within its jurisdiction. In addition, the company regularly conducts maintenance programs to keep its infrastructure up-to-date. As one of Pakistan’s leading power companies, MEPCO prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing excellent service quality through swift complaint resolution mechanisms.

What are the MEPCO Helpline Numbers?

MEPCO, also known as Multan Electric Power Company, is responsible for supplying electricity to 13 districts of South Punjab. However, despite the company’s efforts, occasionally, power outages and other electricity-related issues can occur. Fortunately, MEPCO has set up several helpline numbers that customers can use to report complaints or seek assistance in an emergency. These helpline numbers are available round-the-clock so that you can access them at any time of the day. To make it easier for customers to get help quickly and efficiently, MEPCO has established separate helpline numbers for different regions under its jurisdiction. So before calling a particular number, know which region your complaint falls under.

Some common reasons people may need to call the MEPCO helpline include reporting power outages or voltage fluctuations and requesting new connections or disconnections. To expedite the resolution of your problem, dial the appropriate helpline number designated for your specific customer segments, such as industrial units or agricultural consumers, in addition to the general complaints and requests. This ensures that your concern reaches the relevant department promptly, leading to a swift resolution.

Knowing the proper MEPCO Helpline Number can save you a lot of hassle if you face electricity-related problems. Just make sure that when calling these numbers, be patient because sometimes lines might be busy due to high call volumes during peak hours!

How to Register a Complaint with MEPCO?

If you’re facing any electricity-related issues in Multan, MEPCO is the company that can help. To register a complaint with MEPCO, follow these simple steps. Firstly, note down the nearest subdivision’s contact numbers and helpline numbers for your area from the official website of MEPCO. Next, call the relevant number and provide all necessary details like your name, address, meter number, and nature of the complaint.

After recording your complaint in their system, they will give you a reference number as proof of registration. Please keep it safe, as it may be required later to follow up on your request. If possible, take a screenshot or photo of the reference number displayed on their screen or ask them to send an SMS confirmation to you regarding registering a complaint. Wait patiently until they resolve your issue within 24-48 hours!

What is the Procedure for Registering a Complaint with MEPCO?

Two methods are available to register a complaint with MEPCO: by phone or in person. First, you’ll need to gather all relevant information about your complaint, such as your account number and the details of the issue. If registering a complaint by phone, dial the appropriate helpline number for your area and wait for an operator to answer. Provide them with your information and describe the problem so they can assist you accordingly. The operator will give you a reference/complaint number to note down for future follow-ups.

Alternatively, if registering a complaint in person, visit any MEPCO Customer Service Center near you. Please fill out the forms provided with all necessary details regarding your complaint or present it verbally to an officer who will guide you through further steps. Regardless of how one chooses to register their complaint, they must keep track of their reference/complaint number, as this is what they’ll use when following up on progress made towards resolving their issue.

How to Follow up on a Complaint with MEPCO?

  • After you have registered your complaint with MEPCO, it is essential to follow up on the status of your complaint. This helps ensure that your issue is being addressed and resolved promptly.
  • ┬áThis number will help you identify your complaint when enquiring about its status.
  • You can check the status of your complaint by calling one of the helpline numbers provided by MEPCO or visiting their website and using their online tracking system. Please provide them with your reference number for easy identification when contacting them.
  • If you discover no progress has been made in resolving your issue, feel free to proactively inquire once more without hesitation. Be persistent but polite when following up; this will help ensure they take your concern seriously.

  • Sometimes, it may be necessary to escalate an unresolved issue further. If faced with this scenario, it is crucial to inquire about the next course of action and ascertain the person responsible for resolving it.
  • By actively following up on complaints, we are helping improve service delivery in our communities while holding institutions accountable for their actions.


    MEPCO is a reliable and efficient electricity provider striving to provide its customers with the best service. In case of any complaints or issues with your electricity connection, you can quickly contact their helpline numbers mentioned in this article. Remember to follow the correct procedure for registering a complaint and always keep track of your complaint by following up with MEPCO. Swift Resolutions for Uninterrupted Power Supply: Timeless SEO Techniques



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