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Tribune-Democrat to begin printing Cumberland Times-News

Extra! Extra! Exciting news in the world of print media! The Tribune-Democrat is set to make waves as it takes on a new printing venture. Brace yourselves, dear readers, for the Cumberland Times-News will soon grace the pages of this esteemed publication. This exciting collaboration promises to inject fresh life into both newspapers and breathe new energy into their respective communities.

Cumberland Times News

Exciting times lie ahead as the Tribune-Democrat prepares to take on a unique printing endeavour. This renowned newspaper, part of the esteemed Gannett Co., Inc., is set to lend its expertise and machinery to print none other than the Cumberland Times News! For those unfamiliar with this daily publication, the Cumberland Times News covers news stories from Cumberland, Maryland, and its surrounding areas. Its in-depth reporting has been a cornerstone of journalism in this region for years. They are poised to further enhance their reach and impact by partnering with the Tribune-Democrat.

This collaboration brings together two respected newspapers and significantly benefits both parties involved. The move will ensure job security for approximately 25 employees at the Cumberland Times-News while providing an opportunity for growth and increased efficiency within the Tribune-Democrat’s operations. In recent times, economic challenges have posed difficulties for newspapers nationwide. However, by joining forces and sharing resources, these publications can navigate through turbulent waters more effectively – emerging more vital than ever.

Stay tuned as we follow this exciting development closely. It’s a testament to resilience and innovation within the industry when leading publications come together in pursuit of delivering quality news content to communities far and wide. The Cumberland Times-News is a daily newspaper that covers Cumberland, Maryland and the surrounding area.

The Cumberland Times-News is a daily newspaper that brings the latest news and updates to Cumberland, Maryland, and its surrounding areas. With its commitment to providing comprehensive coverage of local events, politics, sports, and more, this publication has become an essential source of information for the community. From breaking news stories to in-depth features on local businesses and individuals making a difference in their communities, the Cumberland Times News keeps readers informed about what’s happening close to home. Whether you’re looking for updates on city council meetings or want to stay up-to-date with high school sports scores, this newspaper has got you covered.

In addition to its print edition, the Cumberland Times-News also offers online access through its website and digital platforms. This allows readers to stay connected no matter where or what time it is. You can easily browse articles or explore photo galleries capturing memorable moments around town with just a few clicks.

As part of Gannett Co., Inc.’s USA Today Network family of newspapers, the Cumberland Times News benefits from extensive resources and expertise in journalism. This partnership ensures readers receive quality reporting and analysis on local matters and broader national issues. By providing accurate news coverage tailored specifically for those living in Cumberland and its neighbouring areas,


Cumberland Times-News is essential in keeping communities informed while fostering a sense of unity among residents. The Tribune-Democrat, a trusted newspaper serving the Johnstown, Pennsylvania area, is owned by Gannett Co., Inc. This powerhouse media company also owns the prestigious USA Today Network. With this ownership connection, The Tribune-Democrat gains access to extensive resources and expertise in journalism.

As part of the Gannett family, The Tribune-Democrat benefits from being part of a more extensive network across the United States. It allows for collaboration between different newsrooms and sharing of stories locally and nationally. This ensures readers have comprehensive coverage encompassing regional news and important events nationwide.

Gannett’s ownership brings stability and support to The Tribune-Democrat during the challenges many newspapers face in today’s rapidly evolving media landscape. By leveraging Gannett’s vast experience and infrastructure, The Tribune-Democrat can continue delivering high-quality reporting while adapting to changing reader preferences and technological advancements. As an integral part of Gannett Co., Inc., The Tribune-Democrat enjoys numerous advantages regarding resources, reach, and industry knowledge.

The move will save the jobs of about 25 employees at the Cumberland Times-News.

One of the positive outcomes of the Tribune-Democrat’s decision to begin printing the Cumberland Times News is that it will save the jobs of about 25 employees at the newspaper. In today’s uncertain economy, job security can be hard to come by, so this news is a much-needed relief for these individuals and their families. Losing a job can have devastating effects on not only an individual but also on their entire community. By preserving these positions, the Tribune-Democrat is supporting its own business and contributing to the stability and well-being of Cumberland as a whole.

These 25 employees likely have deep roots in their community and are dedicated to delivering quality journalism to readers in Cumberland and beyond. With them, there would be a void in local reporting that could positively impact residents’ access to important news and information. It’s encouraging to see businesses making decisions prioritizing financial viability and employee welfare. Too often, we hear stories of layoffs or downsizing as companies struggle with economic challenges. Gannett Co., Inc.’s recognition of the value of retaining these workers speaks volumes about their commitment to responsible corporate practices.

We must support local newspapers like the Cumberland Times-News as we navigate uncertain times. They are essential in keeping communities informed, holding those in power accountable, and fostering a sense of unity among residents.

The Tribune-Democrat has been struggling financially recently.

In recent years, the Tribune-Democrat has faced financial challenges threatening its future. However, hope is on the horizon with this new partnership to print the Cumberland Times News. Both newspapers can benefit from increased efficiency and cost savings by joining forces and leveraging their resources.

This collaboration ensures the survival of these two local newspapers and secures the jobs of approximately 25 employees at the Cumberland Times News. It’s a testament to their commitment to providing quality journalism to their communities.

The Tribune-Democrat’s decision to print the Cumberland Times News demonstrates Gannett Co., Inc.’s dedication to supporting local news outlets. As one of America’s largest media companies and owner of USA Today Network, Gannett recognizes the importance of preserving independent journalism in regional markets.

By expanding its printing capabilities to include another publication, the Tribune-Democrat is embracing innovation while embracing its responsibility as a vital source of information for residents in Maryland and Pennsylvania. This move signifies a strategic step forward for both newspapers navigating an ever-changing media landscape.

As readers, we must recognize how valuable our local newspapers are in informing us about events happening in our backyards. Supporting these publications by subscribing or advertising helps ensure they can continue delivering timely news coverage and investigative reporting that holds those in power accountable.


(without explicitly stating it), this collaboration between The Tribune-Democrat and Cumberland Times-News shines a light on how working together can strengthen local journalism amid challenging times.



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